Hammerhead – the Race Nail Revolution


Mustad are proud to introduce a new Racenail that is like no other: the HammerHead™. This revolutionary nail has an amazing, unique rectangular head to enhance durability of Aluminium shoes. Ingemar Media is the proud filmmaker company delivering film to  the worldwide leading horseshoe nail producer. Mustad HammerHead™ is designed for the thoroughbred hoof to enhance durability of Aluminium shoes. Every horse at Newmarket is now wearing Hammerhead nails.

Recording Location: Newmarket, England.

Farrier: William Mulqueen

Audience: blacksmiths, retailers

Production: Ingemar Media

Co-producer and product developer: Petter Marjomaa

Reference group: Maaike van de Wijgerd, Luca Bertolino, William Mulqueen

Voice over artist: David, Voice to me

Usage: clinics and web


Client: Mustad

Tags: Information film

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