Mustad VF PRO


The Mustad Hoofcare Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of hoofcare products, serving farriers, horse owners and veterinarians worldwide. With local presence in all the major markets, Mustad have been active in the hoofcare market for 180 years. The Swedish factory is based in Dals Långed and produces horse shoe nails.

This video is about Mustad VF Pro. The new VF Pro ® nail is the evolution of the traditional VF F nail with a longer and slimmer shank to enable high drive when needed. Although the company has a long tradition, the films focus on product development.

Production: Ingemar Media

Recording Location: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria

Farrier: Christoph Müller, Magne Delebekk

Audience: blacksmiths, retailers

Co-producer and production manager: Petter Marjomaa,

Reference group: Maaike van de Wijgerd, Luca Bertolino, Christoph Müller, Magne Delebekk

Voice over artist: Ryan, Voice to me

Usage: clinics and web


Client: Mustad

Tags: Information film

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